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Personal Renewal Group 2.0

You've asked for it, so here it is! With the release of Renee Trudeau's new book, Nurturing the Soul of Your Family, I bring you PRG 2.0! Many women who have attended a Personal Renewal Group aren't ready for the year-long journey to end. We still crave the connection, tips and resources, so this is a perfect way to continue the journey. But, if you haven't attended a Personal Renewal Group yet that's ok. We will still delve deep into self-care which is what the first Personal Renewal Group is all about.

Upcoming Group

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact me to be added to the waiting list.

Session Format

Month 1 - Introduction and Intro to Self-Care 
The first month we will get to know each other better and tap the surface of self-care

Month 2 - Heal Yourself, Heal Your Family 
We will be talking about the power of self-care and how this transformative process begins with us

Month 3 - Reconnect Part 1
People First, Things Second: The Digital Divide
Nature: The Ultimate Antidepressant

Month 4 - Reconnect Part 2
Returning to the River: Finding Spiritual Renewal

Month 5 - Love the Ones You're With  Part 1 
Spending Time Together (Like You Mean It)

Month 6 - Love the Ones You're With Part 2  
Defining, Celebrating, and Honoring Your Family Culture

Month 7 - Explore a New Way of Being Part 1   
Do Less, Experience More

Month 8 - Explore a New Way of Being Part 2  
Breaking Free: Making Hard Choices

Month 9 - Find Your Tribe, Embrace Support  
Building Your Support Network and close session

The topic for each month is based on chapters from Nurturing the Soul of Your Family by Renee Trudeau

Book Trailer

Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life is a guidebook for personal and spiritual renewal from Renee Trudeau--the award-winning author of The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal. It offers nurturing support and practical ideas to guide you toward a new way of being.

Enjoyable, down-to-earth, and empowering, the ten paths to peace help you:
• find your center and move through chaos and uncertainty with renewed strength and ease
• slow down, tap the wisdom of your wise self, and know what's best for you and your family
• release old habits, fears, and anxieties as you explore a new way of being
• access more joy by living in the present moment (the best antidote to stress!)