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A Place for Peace and Dreams
by Sara Bogan on October 29th, 2013

My mom always finds the greatest books. She gave my daughter Sparrow Road,  by Sheila O'Connor, for her 11th birthday. It's about a young girl who spends the summer in a community that used to be an orphanage and is now an artist's retreat. I don't want to give anything away because I highly recommend this beautiful book. But, there is a sentence in there that talks about Sparrow Road being "a place for peace and dreams." It stuck with me when I read it and I immediately thought how important it is that we all have that place.

The next week my friend took me to see her new lake property and as soon as I saw it, those words jumped in my heart...yes...she found her "place for peace and dreams." And, I'm so happy for her!

I realize, of course, we all can't have our own lake house. But, we can all find that space where we find "shelter from the storms," where we can escape from the distractions of the world and we can lose ourselves (or find ourselves) in the quiet.

I have another friend who lives in an amazing neighborhood with the most beautiful, natural walking trails I've ever seen. I imagine that is her place for peace and dreams.

I love the path in my neighborhood so every morning I take a walk around the pond to clear the clutter, enjoy the peace, and dream a bit. My backyard is also a place for this...especially in the mornings after the kids are in school and the sun is just touching the flowers and drying the grass.

Where is your place? It doesn't have to be big and it doesn't have to be fancy. Just a small corner of the earth where you can feel the power of the universe. Happy dreaming!

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