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Welcome to Family Life Balance. My name is Sara Bogan and I have a passion for helping women and mothers enhance balance and experience a greater sense of connection to self and others. I graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Communication and Sociology. Originally from Utah, I was a corporate training manager and facilitator at Citibank prior to having my first child. I served as the Renee Trudeau & Associates (RTA) Outreach Manager from 2009-2012, I'm a trained RTA Personal Renewal Group Facilitator, and assisted in coordinating numerous self-renewal retreats for women. Additionally, I have received specialized one-on-one training and support from author/speaker/coach Renee Trudeau on how to create, facilitate and empower women through life-changing groups, retreats and transformational events. My family and I live in Pflugerville, Texas.

Through this work, I’ve learned the necessity of keeping creativity and adventure in my life. I’ve learned that happiness is an inside job and that I’m strong, wise, and I have the answers inside. I am grateful to be able to delve into the self-care themes on a monthly basis and share this journey with a close, supportive group of women each year. I’ve been able to watch us all grow a little stronger, less resentful, more confident and joyful. These groups have had a profound impact on me and I love seeing the ripple effect this creates.


I came upon my PRG by chance - or at least I thought so. Turns out it was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I have found it to be inspiring, thought provoking and lasting. I recommend it for anyone who gets up in the morning and says, "How can I get to the point where I enjoy every day? ~M.K

After leaving my corporate job, moving 1,000 miles away from close friends and family and navigating a new freelance career, I was worn out. Signing up for the personal renewal group was an opportunity to claim valuable time – just for me. Sara’s friendly, skillful facilitation on new topics each month made for easy conversation and a comfortable circle to engage with other women. The group encouraged me to sign-up for art classes and try things I never would have on my own. I could count on our monthly gatherings as an opportunity to slow down and reset my perspective. If you’re seeking more balance in your life or want to explore the topic of self-care, give yourself the gift of joining a personal renewal group. ~Ellen

Before I started attending the Personal Renewal Group meetings, I didn't do much outside the home.  My life was pretty much my husband, my kids and taking care of the household demands. The PRG has brought to my attention how important it is to take time out for me, self-care. Now, I am able to balance my time more efficiently among myself, my husband, my kids, the household, my interest, my family and friends. I am continuously learning, and working on balancing my life overall, and the PRG has steered me in a great direction, with tools to help me. Sara Bogan is an ideal PRG coach, who is very supportive and caring. ~T.C.

Joining Sara’s PRG is the best gift I ever gave myself. By design of the PRG, the pearls of wisdom become habit and you make some great friends as well. ~Liz

Moms are so busy taking care of everyone else, most of the time we forget to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Soon after my third child was born I felt so stressd, tired and just plain worn out that I wasnt even enjoying the little things in life that I should be enjoying! That's when I discovered my Personal Renewal Group!! I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time! I learned how to balance my family/life and at the same time I learned how to take care of myself without feeling guilty and I feel once again peaceful and calm when it comes to taking care of my family! I believe if every mother experienced this self renewing class, we would have a world full of care-free, less-stressed mothers which makes happy families!! ~Joy P.

As a mother who once lost herself in her family, I encourage you to begin taking charge of your life today. Sara Bogan is the perfect person to help you regain and find balance in your life. Her energy is pure and bright. I am confident the process you take on this journey with Sara will be both fun and introspective. If you want to see your life change for the better, sign up TODAY! ~Kathy Goodenbour-Mursch, Life Coach,

As a mother of three, I fell into a common syndrome – take care of everyone else first and letting my needs come last.  Deep down I knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know where to begin.   My Personal Renewal Group taught me how baby steps—like reaching out and asking for help– can have a profound effect on the way I feel about myself and my key relationships.  My biggest realization was around the importance of self-care and having strong boundaries—particularly around how I manage my time and energy.   I am very grateful to my PRG because I now live more in the present and am able to better handle what life brings to me –and I have many amazing PRG friends to help me navigate the ups and downs
. ~Liz

As a mother of three with a husband who worked all the time I was feeling overwhelmed and the question of “where am I in this whole equation?” kept coming up. So I started doing something solely for me, something I had thought about doing for years and never made time for. I started painting canvases, it was simple, yet it helped me reconnect with who I was, who I am and how I want to live my life. I felt balanced and in touch with myself. This allowed me to give more purely to those I love and not just out of duty or responsibility. I also felt incredible about myself. I started taking even better care of myself and my family. When a woman starts to give back to herself it is like breathing the freshest air. It gives you peace inside, a clear mind and tremendous energy. ~H. Sadler

To give to others, you must first give to yourself – and not just that piece of chocolate you’ve been denying yourself (though you should). We should all treat ourselves at least as well as we treat our best friend. I’m not kidding… Why NOT give to yourself what you give to others? No one is more worthy or more deserving than you are – They are JUST AS worthy or deserving, but never MORE. YOU are the most valuable gift you have to offer the world – and your purpose is to take care of, and share that gift. Think of it as the gift that keeps on giving… The more you give to, and take care of yourself, the more you have to give to those around you. A well can only provide life-giving water as long as it is replenished. So, replenish yourself – in whatever way works for you. It’s not only NOT selfish; it is your divine right and duty, because what you give yourself, you give the world. Oh, and by the way… when you are old and gray, rocking on your front porch reminiscing about your life, the laundry you didn’t get to won’t be a regret. ~Stephanie H.

When my oldest daughter was born ten years ago, I threw myself fully into motherhood, joining numerous baby groups, followed by school organizations. I joined the PTA, signed up for Room Mom and became a Girl Scout leader. But as these various activities piled onto my household work, I began to feel overwhelmed. A sick child or husband on the road put me over the edge and my stress levels were out of control. I wasn’t getting paid for any of this extra work and my children were suffering due to my inability to cut back and prioritize. Finally, I took a summer to regroup. I limited each child’s after school activities to two per week, cut out my own after school work and focused on myself and my family. It took a while for me to accept that I didn’t need to go on every field trip, but I finally found a better family/life balance, including something that is just for me and only for me. I started playing tennis last spring for the first time in 30 years! I play with a group of ladies on two teams and absolutely love the competitiveness and friendships that have been formed with my teammates. For the first time since my children were born, I have started carrying pictures of them in my wallet and show them to my new friends. And I have conversations with my new friends that have nothing to do with children! The best part is this has truly made me a better mom. I am more energized, more patient with my kids and more engaged with my family. And now when I’m not busy watching my kids play, they come watch me play! ~J. Lowcher

When I tell people that I belong to a Personal Renewal Group they look at me like “is that some sort of cult or something?” And although the leader of my PRG, Sara, certainly has a magnetic personality that draws you in and yes, sometimes we do bow to the alter of Renee Trudeau for writing The Mother’s Guide to Self Renewal – the PRG is not a cult. Instead it’s a fantastic group of women who face similar struggles through the barrage of dirty diapers, runny noses, battles of will and homework that is motherhood. We are not Stepford Wives (or in this case Mothers) nor do we aspire to be. We just want to be happy, healthy and present for ourselves and our families. Thank you PRG for helping me get a little closer to that ever-illusive sense of peace and balance.~A. Carlson