Family Life Balance

6 Word Memoirs

A few years ago, the online storytelling magazine SMITH asked readers to submit six-word memoirs. They quickly proved a whole, real life can be told this way. The book, Not Quite What I Was Planning, was born and has inspired countless others to share their stories. We use this as a fun and simple exercise in our Personal Renewal Groups to get our creativity flowing and to be able to step back and see "where we are right now."

Loving. Learning. All the day long. ~Onnalita Sutton

My family…you are my song! ~Wendi Engstrom

Wrong choices lead to right places. ~AD

Never Too Late To Start Over. ~Mindi

She showed up every. single. day. ~Nicole

Laugh. Play. Be kind. Why not? ~Shellie

Living, learning each new day; beautiful ~Rebecca

My life with my kids = Happiness ~Adrienne

Enjoying SweetTarts on the roller coaster. ~Julie

Running, so I don’t run away. ~Carmen

Long on story. Short on time. ~Andi

Battling "the shoulds", following my heart. ~Ellen V

Kentucky Born, Tennessee Raised, Texas Perfected. ~Michelle K

Laugh until I gasp for breath.  ~Adrienne

I'm responsible TO not FOR others. ~Kristi

Exactly what I signed up for. ~Tania C

I'm more than merely my circumstances. ~Kristi

Living the Life Envisioned for Myself. ~Tiffany

This "life stage" too shall pass! ~Kristi

Life is hard, Wear a helmet. ~Michelle K

You'll find me near the chocolate. ~Ellen V

Sleep equals health, rejuvenation and clarity. ~Liz

Still trying to figure happy out. ~Adrienne

Nighttime nursing makes my chiropractor rich. ~Nicole

Nature Lover Seeking time To Hike. ~Larissa

In the morning, coffee or wine? ~Nicole

My life is filled with joys. ~Katie

More like my mother every day. ~Joy

Basking in bubbles of my cappuccino. ~Liz

Mama's best friend is a nap. ~Nicole

Still Learning Each Day With Gratitude. ~Kimberly M.

Had three babies, lost in motherhood. ~Amy C.

Appreciate it's a gift. ~Debbie P.

Dazed, confused poop-wiper seeking peace. ~Amy C.

No, I don’t own a mirror. ~Amy C. (story: I just caught a glimpse of my disheveled, spit-up upon, mismatched self and had a chuckle at my own expense. Have I really been running all over the place looking like a hot mess all day? Pretty sad.)

I still haven’t found my calling. ~Amy C.

Two boys, and one million toys. ~K.C.

Pink eye, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, what next? ~K.C.

Forever wondered where I came from. ~Sara B.  (Updated 12/8/14...Finally found where I came from!)

Have two year old, no sleep. ~K.C.

A nap finally, crap, phone rings. ~K.C.

It seemed like a good idea. ~Debbie P.

Can I at least pee alone? ~K.C.

I never quite finished what I... ~S.B.